Behind the Cloak is the complete biography of Pagan Altar, written by a former member of the band Ivor Harper, beginning from the late 1970's up to the present day. Behind the Cloak is over 40 pages of information, pictures and everything you needed to know about Pagan Altar. The biography is available online here to read, as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for free download in our download section, or alternatively you can purchase the book from our merchandise section. The Online Biography is very long so please remember to bookmark where you are so that you can easily return to where you left off. Enjoy your reading.

Front Cover Page 1  
Preface Page 2 Preface By Ivor Harper
Chapter I Page 3 In The Beginning
Chapter II Page 9 The Line Ups
Chapter III Page 13 On The Road
Chapter IV Page 21 The Old Studio
Chapter V Page 26 A New Lease Of Life
Chapter VI Page 40 End Of An Era
Chapter VII Page 41 Pagan Altar 2004
Discography Appendix 1  
Lyrics Appendix 2  
Back Covers The End